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Important Granting Notice

Important Grant Notice

ECCT will be launching a new funding framework on 1st April 2024.

As a result of this change, we will not be accepting any new funding requests after 1st March.

The ECCT funding portal will be temporarily closed to enable us to launch the new funding pathways that will enable us to support our 2023-2030 Strategic Plan. The portal will reopen on 1st April 2024 with the new funding pathways.

PLEASE get in contact with the Community Advisors for help or any questions. Assistance will be provided to enable you to get your last-minute grant applications in under the current funding pathways. More information will be forthcoming on the new grants available in March.

For more information on 2023-2030 Strategic Plan, go to our website: www.ecct.org.nz/about/strategic-plan