Eastern & Central Community Trust Logos

Sharing where you got your funding from is a great thing to do. It tells the community who has supported you, and shows where Eastern & Central Community Trust funding has been used.


If you want to acknowledge support from Eastern & Central Community Trust, you are welcome to use our logo on promotional materials and at events. You can also use it on your marketing materials, including your website, media releases, Facebook and other social media, posters, signs and flyers.  Please use our most recent logo designs, featured here.


To help, we have created some guidelines about how the logo is set up, and the fonts used. You can find it here.


To download a logo, right-click the image you would like below and “save image as” onto your device. These are .png and pdf files.

ECCT logo – pdf file – blue lettering on white background

ECCT logo – .jpg file – blue lettering on white background

ECCT logo – pdf file – white lettering on blue background

ECCT logo – .png file – white lettering on blue background


If you need a higher resolution logo, please email us on: or call us on: 0800 878 720.


Behind every grant is a great story, so if you would like us to help your organisation tell its story, and the great work you are doing in the community, please contact us.

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Community Assets & Facilities Fund Checklists and Information

These documents will help you get a better understanding of what Eastern & Central Community Trust takes into consideration when looking at CAFF applications:

CAFF Information Sheet

Facility Life Cycle Information Sheet

1 CAFF Strategic Alignment Checklist 1

2 CAFF Community Need Checklist 2

3 CAFF Partnerships Checklist 3

4 CAFF Effectiveness Checklist 4

5 CAFF Management Operations Checklist 5

6 CAFF Financial Sustainability Checklist 6

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Eastern & Central Community Trust Board Room

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