Rangatahi Information Leaflet including Engagement Model

Rangatahi Engagement Model

Rangatahi Project Information Leaflet

COVID-19 Impact Report on Community Organisations

In April 2020, Eastern and Central Community Trust asked community organisations about the impact of COVID-19 on their organisation and the communities they served.

Grassroots Development Infographic

Organisational Capacities Information Sheet

Community-Led Development Information Sheet

Eastern & Central Community Trust Logos

Sharing where you got your funding from is a great thing to do. It tells the community who has supported you, and shows where Eastern & Central Community Trust funding has been used.   If you want to acknowledge support…

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Community Assets & Facilities Fund Checklists and Information

These documents will help you get a better understanding of what Eastern & Central Community Trust takes into consideration when looking at CAFF applications: CAFF Information Sheet Facility Life Cycle Information Sheet 1 CAFF Strategic Alignment Checklist 1 2 CAFF…

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Eastern & Central Community Trust Board Room