What we don’t fund

Our Grassroots and Community Assets & Facilities Funds have specific exclusions, which are listed on their website pages.


In general, Eastern & Central Community Trust will not make grants for the following:

  • Individuals (except for capability building through the Development pathway of the Grassroots Fund)
  • Travel overseas or outside the region
  • Conference attendance or accommodation
  • Retrospective expenses, completed projects or events
  • Uniforms that do not remain the property of the applicant organisation
  • Prizes, trophies and awards ceremonies
  • Commercial organisations
  • Religious ministry
  • Loan repayments or other debt instrument repayments
  • Venture capital
  • Endowments
  • Fundraising
  • Earthquake strengthening


The Trust will also not fund:

  • Church-based or religious activities which should, in the view of a reasonable person, be the responsibility of the churches to fund. The Trust will only consider projects being sponsored by churches or religious organisations where there is a clear wider community benefit from such a project.
  • Projects that are clearly the responsibility of central or local government.
  • Purely for-profit groups. However, it may consider social enterprise initiatives and applications from not-for-profit groups that have an aim of supporting the community through enhanced economic activity.
  • Those groups that have a political activity as their focus.
  • Projects that do not have a direct benefit to people. Any environmental or animal-related projects must show a direct benefit to people.


If you are unsure about whether your application is eligible, please call us free on: 0800 878 720.

Grassroots Fund – what documents do I need?

If you are applying to the Grassroots Fund, the following documents are mandatory:

  • Your latest Annual Accounts
  • Confirmation of your bank account – this can be a pre-printed deposit slip, or a verified confirmation from your bank
  • A signed resolution with two signatures from office bearers, confirming your authority to apply to ECCT for funding


You will also need to attach any relevant quotes for items (like vehicles)  you are seeking funding for.