Community Assets & Facilities Fund

The Community Assets & Facilities Fund is for capital developments, and is designed to help communities create and maintain the community assets and facilities needed to meaningfully participate in community life. We want to look at projects that are designed to help the wider community – for example, these can include new buildings, major renovations, playgrounds and skate parks.


If you have a community asset that needs to be built, developed or maintained, and you’re looking for between $30,000 – $250,000 this is the fund to apply to. Before applying to this fund, we recommend that you pick up the phone and give us a call so we can work out what the best way forward will be.


Once we’ve had a conversation about your project, applying for funding is a two-step process, starting with submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) which will be sent to the Board for review. From here, you will either be invited to complete an application form, or your Expression of Interest will be declined.


If your Expression of Interest is accepted, you’ll need to complete an application, which will go into more detail about your project. Once your application has been presented to the Board, it will either be accepted or declined.


We will have two application rounds each year, and the funding is contestable, so you’ll be competing with others to get your funding. Expressions of Interest will be considered in March and October each year. 


When can I apply in 2018?

Expressions of Interest have now closed for 2018. You are welcome to contact us before applying to check that this is the right fit for your project, by calling us free on: 0800 878 720 or email us at:


To apply for funding, you’ll need to show that your project is:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Has a demonstrated need
  • Is located where communities need them
  • Has the right management processes in place
  • Is affordable and sustainable


The size of the grant will depend on the project size, potential use and reach in your community, and its alignment with our investment principles. In some cases, a two-stage application process may be used. This means you can apply to us for feasibility, planning, design, and construction activities, and payments may be split across these stages.


You can also apply at any stage of your project, and we have a helpful diagram so you can work out where you are in your project lifecycle.

A diagram featuring the six stages of a facility's lifecycle - concept, plan, design, construct, operate, maintain, improve
Six stage facility lifecycle


Please note: we are unlikely to fully fund a project by ourselves. We may ask if you have other funders arranged, and how much you will be putting towards a project yourselves.