Donation Criteria

Closing Dates

1 February 2017 for a meeting in late March 2017
29 March 2017 for a meeting in late May 2017
31 May 2017 for a meeting in late July 2017
2 August 2017 for a meeting in late September 2017
4 October 2017 for a meeting in late November 2017
15 November for a meeting in late January 2018



Who qualifies for funding?

Community groups, which show real commitment and drive to help themselves to achieve their goals are likely to receive favourable consideration. They are discouraged from becoming dependent on Trust donations for ongoing operating expenses. Requests must be made on behalf of an organisation, not from an individual.

Requests for funding always significantly exceed the funds available. This means that the Trust may not always be able to find all the money you need.

Does my group qualify?

Criteria for assessing applications include:

  • Services that add value to the community.
  • Services that promote education and learning for community wellbeing.
  • Projects or organisations working to alleviate social problems.
  • Welfare and social services for the physically and intellectually challenged.
  • Community support, including care of the young or aged.
  • Youth and education.
  • Cultural activities and recreation including music, the arts and sport.

Who is unlikely to qualify?

Applications will not normally be considered from national organisations except where the funds are committed to the region covered by the Trust. Applications from organisations proposing to redistribute the donation to others are also precluded. In such cases, the application should be made directly to the Trust by those requiring the assistance.

Donations will not generally be given to commercial organisations or to individuals. Donations will not be made to organisations of a political or ideological nature, or to directly support evangelism, although religious organisations are welcome to apply for other project funding. Donations will not be made for the support of school camps, school ICT projects, jamborees, cultural competitions and similar projects.

How to apply

The Trust meets towards the end of every second month; in May, July, September, November, January and March. Applications for each meeting must have all the information that is needed by the close off date. This means that you should allow plenty of time for the Trust to contact you for any other information that may be needed before the close off date. Dates are at the top of this page.

Applications can be made on line or on the application form which can be downloaded from this site or requested from the Trust office.

The Trust Board considers all completed applications and applicants are advised of the outcome within a week of the Trust meeting.


The Trust has a responsibility to ensure that any donation paid has been spent efficiently and effectively on the purpose/s intended and that all conditions associated with a donation have been met. A random selection of donations are audited each year. Those organisations selected, will be sent an accountability report to complete and return with relevant evidence of expenditure.



Does the Trust fund operating costs?
Yes, the Trust will consider funding operating costs but not more than $4,000 on an ongoing basis.

Do we need audited annual accounts?
Not necessarily, if you are asking for $100,000 or more, the Trust will expect your annual accounts to be audited. If you are asking for between $4,000 and $24,999 the Trust will expect you annual accounts to be prepared by a chartered accountant or reviewed. If you are seeking between $25,000 and $99,999 then your accounts should be reviewed. If you are seeking $4,000 or less, your annual accounts do not need to be audited or reviewed.

We are a new organisation and have been operating for less than a year, so do not have annual accounts. Can we apply to the Trust?
Yes, newly formed organisations need to supply statements of Financial Performance and Financial Position for the period since they were formed. They also need to supply a copy of the minutes of their inaugural meeting.

Do we need to be on the Charities Register?
If you are on the Charities Register you will need to provide your registration number. Not having charitable status can affect the level of any donation you may receive.

Do we need a letter from IRD confirming our exemption from income tax?
Yes, if you have tax exempt status you will need to provide a copy of your letter from the IRD. Not having charitable status or exemption from income tax can affect the level of any donation you may receive.

What should we do if other funders also give money for our project and we have too much?
Contact the Trust office to discuss whether you need to pay some back.

What funding can schools apply for?
The Trust will consider funding projects that enhance the learning experience. projects must be reasonable in terms of sustainability and per capita costs.

Can regional organisations apply for funding?
Regional organisations will usually only receive funding for activities that are not undertaken by their members or for their members. Any application should include letters of support from the branches in the Trust area.

Can we apply for a donation if we have already bought the item?
Funding for projects that have already happened is not generally approved. Consideration will be given to the reasons why the applicant did not apply in advance of the project proceeding.

Will the Trust fund salaries?
Contributions to salaries and wages may be considered on a case by case basis.

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